How to talk to a child with Autism

Five years is a long time to try and figure something out.  My son has been on this earth exactly that long and I’ve just recently started to figure out what’s going on with his communication. Every child on the spectrum has their own nuanced  challenges, so let me describe my child.  I liken his […]


Do you ever think the universe is sending you secret messages?  Like a rainbow on a bad day.  Or a cloud shaped like a teddy bear when you need a snugglefest. I sometimes see things like this.  And today was one of those days. I’m driving home from my craptastic day at the office and […]


My little cuddlebug, I’ve been meaning to write you since I wrote your sister a letter mid-summer.  As you know, we had a busy summer and frazzled me didn’t get around to it. I wrote about your sister’s school year (1st grade).  Now I want to write about yours (Pre-K/PPCD). You started the school year […]

This is your brain on drugs

Periodically I find myself wondering about the roots of Autism.  What causes it? Why is the incidence increasing? How did that odd couple end up with a neurotypical child?  What the hell is happening? I read somewhere that by the year 2040, 30% of the population will fall somewhere on the Autism spectrum (don’t hold […]

A trip down repressed memory lane

My aunt Shannon inspired this post. I wrote it a while back when I was having insurance woes but never published it. This one is for you, Aunt Shannon. ;0) Imagine this… You and your family go on a beautiful vacation. You find a nice, reputable hotel for your stay. You call and make reservations […]

My Dear John letter to Honda

I’m writing this from the waiting room. I know it’s super bitchy of me to write this letter while you’re under the knife but I can’t take it anymore. We’ve been together since my first year of college.  I had just gotten out of a bad relationship with Ford and you came in a swept […]

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

From the highest-highs to the lowest-lows.  Back to the highest-highs.  All this equals a self-induced lobotomy.  Nurse Ratched is for pansies. Insurance company cage match = down in the dumps low Win cage re-match with insurance company and am granted a VIP lock on my account = highest-highs Find out your employer is no longer […]