Dancing With the Sad, Sobbing Stars

I’m a TV junkie.  If I’m not binging on podcasts you can find me planted in front of the TV. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? I was home with a sick kiddo today. However, instead of making homemade chicken noodle soup and nursing my child back to health I caught […]

Mommy Needs to Lighten Up

Its been a rough year. Good, but rough. The nonstop flow of trans-specific news stories have made me a bit irritable and antsy.  If I knew how to deactivate my Facebook page I would.  Sadly, I’m reaching that special age where my computer skills are not able to keep pace with technology.  #loser Unfortunately my […]

Your Kid is a Creep

You have the people who support trans kids, people who oppose trans kids, and this weird fringe of people who don’t necessarily support trans kids but might know your family and fall in the “well, not your kid” camp. Regardless of you affiliation, when people start espousing anti-trans sentiments, what you’re basically communicating to me […]

If This Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right

According to some leading gender know-it-all’s I’m a sucker.  A big, stupid, head stuck in the sand sucker. Yesterday, I sat in an elementary school and listened to a child crying uncontrollably in the principal’s office.   I hate to hear children cry, especially when it involves hyperventilating.  I get it that some kids are criers, […]

I Love You, I’m Your Mother

I’ve been hit with an onslaught of parenting stories lately, more specifically, mothering stories.  I owe this to my podcast addition, which happens to lean towards the heart-wrenching variety. What strikes me in all of these particular stories is how Mothers respond to unexpected news.  I should preface that with the fact that all of […]

Stop Encouraging Your Child to be Trans

I wasn’t sure how to title this entry.  The runner-up: Stop Encouraging Your Trans Child, but that would not capture the Trump-sized misconception that parents are encouraging their cis children to be trans. No need to reread that sentence, you read it correctly the first time. A lot of negative comments I receive revolve around […]